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The 23rd European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics

Aarhus, Denmark, 8-12 August 2016

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News and FAQ [top]
Proceedings [top]

The deadline for submission of the proceedings is 29th November 15th December 2016.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in Few-Body Systems as a special issue. Please find instructions for authors at Few-Body Systems homepage (http://link.springer.com/journal/601).

The page limit for invited talks is 8 pages, for regular talks and posters -- 4 pages.

Please submit your contribution on-line at the web page of Few-Body Systems, http://www.springer.com/journal/601, with the article type "Topical Collection: EFB23" and guest editor "D.Fedorov".

About the conference [top]

The 23rd European Conference on Few Body Problems in Physics follows the series of European Few-Body Conferences: Kraków (2013), Salamanca (2010), Pisa (2007), Groningen (2004), Bled (2002), Evora (2000), Grenoble (1998)...

Like the previous conferences, this conference will give a possibility to present and discuss recent developments in the field of few-body systems — that is, systems which can be understood in terms of a few effective degrees of freedom — in areas including but not limited to particle, nuclear, atomic, molecular, and condensed-matter physics, as well as astrophysics, astronomy, mathematics, and chemistry.

During the Conference the Few-Body System Award For Young Scientists will be granted for distinguished scientific achievements. The award is sponsored by the Few-Body Systems, published by Springer-Verlag.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in Few-Body Systems as a special issue.

Committees [top]

Invited speakers [top]

Venue [top]

The conference will take place at Aarhus University, Department of Mathematics, building 1534, Auditorium F (N56.1669, E10.1999): AU's interactive Google map; plan of the building.

Geographical hints:

WiFi [top]

There is eduroam roaming service at Aarhus University. You should connect to eduroam with the username and password from your home institution. Contact your home institution for information about their affiliation with eduroam.

Alternatively you can connect to AU-Guest network, where, after opening a browser, you need to agree to terms-and-conditions and then log-in via your account at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Microsoft. If you do not have an account at one of these four services, please get yourself one.

Poster session [top]

Poster session will be held in Vandrehallen, building 1530, first floor.

The poster should be no larger than A0 size (84x119 cm) and should be in portrait format.

The posters can be set up Monday afternoon and must be taken down by Thursday afternoon.

The places on the poster-boards shall be self-allocated by the participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

Registration [top]

The registration for the conference is outsourced to KongresKompagniet A/S. All correspondence concerning registration and accommodation (payment charges, cancellation, etc.) should be directed to them. The online registration form can be found at this address.

The following table lists the conference fees (in euro, approximately):

Before 31/05After 31/05
Regular participant €375 €425
Student €200 €225
Accompanying person €135 €135

The conference fee for participants includes:

The conference fee for accompanying persons includes:

The deadline for registration is 30/6.

Abstract submission [top]

The deadline for abstract submission is May 16.

The abstract must be prepared as a plain text file with your surname as the name of the file and the word "tex" as the extention. For example,


The file must contain the following items,

These items must be marked with the following macros,

\EFBspeaker{surname initials}{affiliation}
\EFBcoauthor{surname initials}
\EFBcoauthor{surname initials}
\EFBcoauthor{surname initials}

The length of the abstract body should be equivalent to no more than about 2000 characters.

An example can be found here.

The file must be sent as an email attachement to efb23aarhus@gmail.com with the following subject:

abstract surname oral/poster theory/experiment scientific_field

for example,

abstract smith oral theory nuclei

If you are an invited speaker please add the word "invited" at the end of the subject, for example,

abstract smith oral theory nuclei invited

Contact [top]

Contact email: efb23aarhus@gmail.com

Sponsors [top]

The conference is supported by The Carlsberg Foundation.