Ole Rømer Colloquia

2017.08.14 | Karin Vittrup

Ole Rømer Colloquia

In order to strengthen and make the academic lectures more visible here at IFA, the Department changes the name General Physics Colloquium to Ole Rømer Colloquium.
We also aim at attracting an increasing number of well-known and interesting researchers - both internal and external - to give interesting talks.
IFA’s management encourages all academic staff members to participate in Ole Rømer Colloquiua.

One of IFA’s own professors, Thomas Pohl, will be the first to give an Ole Rømer Colloguium, and this will be on 6 September at 15:15-16:00 in the Physics Auditorium.
Proposals for future speakers should be submitted to Steen Brøndsted Nielsen (sbn@phys.au.dk).


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