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IFA Challenge Track

Challenge Track

What is the IFA Challenge Track?

IFA Challenge Track is an opportunity for those who are keen on additional challenges beyond those you will encounter through the regular physics course program. The Challenge Track course gives you an early opportunity to develop some of the skills you will need if you want to pursue a career as an academic researcher. The IFA Challenge Track runs parallel with and on top of the ordinary 3-year bachelor program. In the 1st year you will be able to explore a wide range of interesting physics subjects through experimental and theoretical project work, while in the 2nd and 3rd year you will be associated with the department's research groups and will participate in their current research activities. To decide whether the Challenge Track is appropriate for you, impressions from previous course participants can be found in Mads Føk. Mads Føk, årgang 42. Note that IFA Challenge Track is here referred to as the Talent Course, which was its former name.

Practical Notes

Everyone can participate in the 1st year Challenge Track. Admission to the 2nd and 3rd year, on the other hand, is limited and admission is based on applications after the 1st year. Here you will primarily be judged based on how you have completed the regular courses, but the number of modules passed during 1st year of Challenge Track is also included in the assessment. Specifically, it is a requirement that you have completed the full ordinary first-year program without any delay, with a grade average of at least 10.0, and that you have passed at least 3 of the Challenge Tack modules. Upon completion of the 2nd and 3rd year of the Challenge Track, a special Talent Diploma is awarded in addition to the usual Bachelor's degree.   

Regarding the 1st Year

The 1st year consists of 4 independent modules:

1.    Problems in classical mechanics

2.    Theoretical​ ​exercises​ ​in​ ​​relativity

3.    Numerical simulations

4.    Experimental physics

The modules have very few scheduled hours. Instead, it is up to you (collaboration with fellow students is encouraged) to structure your work in order to train important skills such as initiative and independence. The expected workload per module is 55 hours. The deadline for enrollment for Module 1 is Friday 20/9. Registration for Module 2-4 takes place during the year and the deadlines are announced with 1-2 weeks' notice during the regular course lectures. You can read more about the individual modules by clicking the links above, including information about signing up. Note that the official language of the Challenge Track course is English.

Regarding the 2nd and 3rd Year

During this phase, the Challenge Track activities are associated with some of IFA's research groups. The student spends six months at each of four of them and participates in parts of the group's current work, receives relevant training and is given independent assignments. The workload is approximately 20% on top of the ordinary program. You can see examples of project descriptions from previous years here.

Completing the phase 2 of the Challenge Track course satisfactorily is a condition for obtaining a special Talent Diploma at the end of the bachelor's degree. It is also a condition that the courses in the ordinary program are passed without delay and with an average grade of at least 10.0.

We look forward to seeing you on IFA Challenge Track!