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Still no contact with Delphini-1

The Aarhus University student satellite Delphini-1 was deployed as scheduled from the International Space Station on Thursday 31 January. We are still waiting to hear from it, but are confident.

04.02.2019 | Ole J. Knudsen

Despite our efforts during the weekend, we still could not establish contact with Delphini-1. We have been able to receive beacons from other satellites, which clearly indicates that our ground station is fully operational. In addition, we are monitoring the international radio amateur networks, which are also trying to receive beacons from Delphini-1, however still without success. We are continuing our efforts and remain positive that Delphini-1 is well on its journey. There are, after all, several cases where communication with satellites has only been established after weeks or even months. 

We will keep you updated! Please keep fingers crossed! 

Delphini Mission Control

While you wait, enjoy this magnificent image of the deployment from NASA and NanoRacks. Click here for a full resolution version. Photo credit: NASA and NanoRacks