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SAC Seminar - Kai Finster and Simon Albrecht: Data reduction, biomarkers, and life on Venus; an update

18.01.2021 | Brigitte Christina Henderson

Dato tor 29 apr
Tid 10:30 11:30
Sted Zoom

The last few months have seen an interesting discussion on some remote sensing data coming from Earth nearest sibling, Venus. The data shows features which can be interpreted as the detection of a possible biomarker, Phosphine. There is no known abiotic
pathway towards the production of Phosphine in the upper atmospheres of Venus. However the significance of the detections is a subject of an ongoing debate and the interpretation of the data illustrates some of the challenges we will encounter when we start detecting biomarkers for planets orbiting other stars than the Sun. In  this seminar we present a summary of the current ongoing discussion.

Zoom link: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/67495709575

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