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SAC Seminar - Chen Jiang

22.08.2014 | Louise Børsen-Koch

Dato ons 27 aug
Tid 14:15 15:00
Sted 1525-323

Abstract: High precision space observations, such as made by the Kepler and Corot missions, allow us to detect mixed modes for l = 1 modes in their high signal-to-noise photometry data. By means of asteroseismology, the inner structure of red giant (RG) stars is revealed the first time with the help of mixed modes. We analyze these mixed modes of a 1.3 M_sun RG model theoretically from the approximate asymptotic descriptions of oscillations. While fitting observed frequencies with the eigenvalue condition for mixed modes, a good estimate of period spacing and coupling strength is also acquired for more evolved models. We show that the behavior of the mode inertia in a given mode varies dramatically when the coupling is strong. An approximation of period spacings is also obtained from the asymptotic dispersion relation, which provides a good estimate of the coupling strength as well as period spacing when g-mode-like mixed modes are sufficiently dense. By comparing the theoretical coupling strength from the integral expression with the ones from fitting methods, we confirmed that the theoretical asymptotic equation is problematic in the evanescent region due to the potential singularities as well as the use of the Cowling approximation