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SAC Seminar - Caroline Dorn: Diversity of Super-Earth interiors

11.03.2021 | Brigitte Christina Henderson

Dato tor 08 apr
Tid 10:30 11:30
Sted Zoom

The increasing number of newly discovered extrasolar planets reveal a remarkable diversity in planet sizes and mean densities. Among the most frequently occurring planets are super-Earths and mini-Neptunes, whose interiors are largely unknown. Detailed interior characterization is challenging since data are few and have significant uncertainties. Given data of mass and radius alone, many interiors can be modelled and it is key to make additional constraints available. With the focus on Super-Earths, I will discuss a range of additional constraints that help to improve interior estimates and I will highlight main achievements in finding exotic and less exotic worlds.

Zoom link: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/68976229666

Studerende, Institut for Fysik og Astronomi, Medarbejdere, Offentligheden / Pressen