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Geocolloquium - Rasmus Andreasen: Hot Spots in Space. Volcanism on Mars


20.04.2020 | Brigitte Christina Henderson

Dato tir 21 apr
Tid 16:00 17:00

Dear All,

I would like to bring to your attention the very interesting online colloquium we have at Geoscience tomorrow on ‘Hot Spots in Space. Volcanism on Mars’.

Rasmus mainly works on isotope analysis and he has been strongly involved in the discussions on the birth place of the Egtved Girl, but his is also one of the persons I know that know most about the solar system, so I am sure, we will all learn a lot from this talk.

No need to sign up, you just log into zoom tomorrow at 4:00 pm with your own drinks. The talk is planned for half an hour, but last time there was a rater lengthy discussion session afterwards.   



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