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SAC seminars

Autumn 2021





Paul Heeren, Heidelberg University (abstract) Exoplanets orbiting giant stars: Lessons learned, problems and prospects    
29/9 Ippocratis D. Saltas, CEICO (abstract) Testing gravity with cosmology and astrophysics
 8/10 Natalia Guerrero, MIT (abstract) Treasure Map in the Stars: the TESS Objects of Interest Catalog in the TESS Mission   
15/10 Kareem El-Badry, CfA, Harvard (abstract)  TBA   
29/10 Paolo Giacobbe, INAF-Astrophysical Observatory of Torino (abstract The logbook of an exoplanet written in its atmosphere        
 5/11 Sarah C. Millholland, Princeton University (abstract) Treasure Map in the Stars: The TESS Objects of Interest Catalog in the TESS extended Mission
12/11 Yamila Miquel, Leiden University (abstract)


19/11 Enrico Corsaro, INAF, Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania (abstract)

Fast and automated peak bagging of solar-like oscillations using FAMED

26/11 Frances Westall, CNRS-Orléans (abstract) TBA
 3/12 Fiorenzo Vincenzo, Ohio State University (abstract) TBA   
10/12 Nevin N. Weinberg, University of Texas at Arlington (abstract)    TBA    
17/12 Kento Masuda, Osaka University (abstract) TBA