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SAC Travel and Activity Forms

We kindly ask all employees, students and visitors under the Centre to make a budget for planning various activities. The forms are used for getting an overall view of the expenses at SAC.

The online forms must be submitted 14 days prior to any travel or purchase at the latest.

Depending on your affiliation to the Centre (visitor, employee or student) and the purpose of your activity, you will find the appropriate form below.

Please fill in the online form and submit your SAC activity. 













Holiday and Absence Registration

It is mandatory to register holidays and days of absence at Aarhus University.

However, as changes to your holiday scheme may also interfere with important meetings, teaching and/or other AU duties, it is also your obligation to keep the administrative SAC team in the loop and notify us about specific holiday wishes/changes or other absences.

Please fill out the online form no later than 14 days prior to your planned vacation.

Feeling under the weather

If you fall ill, you need to notify the administrative SAC team as well.
The procedure is as follows: First sick day please fill in the form (below).
Remember to inform us about your return again by using the recovery form.  

Absence registration must be in compliance with AU’s staff policy regarding absence. The rules can be found on AU’s website: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/hr/absence/  

Besides from filling in the form, it is also important that you update your Outlook Calendar with changes as these forms are for internal use only.

Rates in Danish kroner as of 1 January 2022

Per diem allowance in Denmark: 463 DKK

Per diem allowance outside Denmark: 546 DKK

Upon filling in the forms please be aware of the meal deductions:

Breakfast: 15%

Lunch: 30%

Dinner: 30%

Full Board: 75%

Find more information about rates here (in Danish only)

Rules and Guidelines

AU Travel policy

Official transport and driving authorisation

RejsUd - assistance

In case you lose a voucher whilst travelling, please fill in this Statement of Truth and send it to Brigitte Henderson (Brigitte@phys.au.dk)