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Associate professor Christoffer Karoff. Private photo

15.01.2019 | Offentligheden / Pressen, Studerende, Medarbejdere

Science and Technology to educate space entrepeneurs of the future

S&T is joining a cross disciplinary Space Entrepreneurship Program in collaboration with ESA, The European Space Agency, assuring that our students can participate in subjects within both space technology and entrepeneurship.

New Hot Jupiter exoplanet confirmed by SONG. Illustration: Gabriel Perez Diaz, IAC

19.12.2018 |

SONG hot news

SONG investigates new exoplanet observed by TESS, and has two new brethren on their way in Australia. (in Danish only)

Image: Students working correcting the lightcurve by airmass
 effects. From left: Sindre Herstad, Dirdrik Nohre Lønvik, Helene
Fjellstad, Iver Oknes, Willong Zhao. Instructor/photo by: Jan Kåre Trandem Qvam.

11.12.2018 |

The diffuser on NOT opens up collaborations with our Norwegian neighbours

Five students at the Horten upper secondary school in Norway have chosen astrophysics as their task in the course "Technology and research-2", a course where scientific research methods are introduced.

TESS image with lots of stars and part of the LMC

07.12.2018 |

First images from TESS are here - and we love'em!

Finally we get to see, what TESS really can provide.

Go Falcon Go. Guests at the Lakeside Auditoriun attending. Photo: SK/AU

06.12.2018 |

Delphini-1 is on it's way to the ISS

The first Aarhus University satellite was launched on Wednesday

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