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Prototype of 1U CubeSat. Image: Space Inventor.

13.03.2021 | Medarbejdere

DISCO - a new Danish student satellite

While Delphini-1 is nearing it's decay in the atmosphere, plans for the next series of student satellites are revealed.

Backwards planets in double star system. Illustration: Christoffer Grønne.

25.02.2021 | Offentligheden / Pressen

A backward-spinning star with two coplanar orbiting planets in a multi stellar system.

Recent paper in PNAS may explain how this can occur. Maria Hjorth from SAC is main author.

ESA is hiring astronauts. Photo: ESA.

17.02.2021 | Studerende

How to become an ESA astronaut

Are you ready for launch now? Next opportunity to apply will be in 2027.

04.02.2021 | Institut for Fysik og Astronomi

New postdoc - Yixiao Zhou

Welcome to Yixiao Zhou, who as at 1 February started in a 3-year postdoc position in the iSimba group under Victor Aguirre Børsen-Koch.

Satellite Control Centre at Aarhus University. Photo: AU Photo/LK.

29.01.2021 | Studerende

Satellite celebrates 2 years birthday

The Aarhus University satellite Delphini-1 was deployed two years ago today.

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