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Experimental laboratory astrophysics - Leiden

Two open 4yrs PhD student positions in astrophysics

We are looking for enthusiastic people with a strong instrumental background and an interest in astronomy.

You will be working (vacancy 1) with SURFRESIDE3, a truly unique cryogenic ultra-high vacuum setup, equipped with three atomic beam lines, to investigate the non-energetic solid state formation of larger and complex organic molecules (COMs) in space or (vacancy 2) with MATRI2CES, an ultrasensitive cryogenic  setup, combining ice ablation and time-of-flight technology to investigate COM formation and destruction pattern upon vacuum UV irradiation.

The goal of both projects is to find new and efficient COM formation pathways and their dependency on surface and ice compositions, and to link solid state reactions to gas phase COM detections in inter- and circumstellar clouds. The projects are hosted within Leiden Observatory, the Netherlands, with direct access to many observing facilities (including JWST) and are performed in close collaboration with astrochemical modelers. Regular visits to Aarhus University are an integral part of the research projects, e.g. to make use of ASTRID2 and to extend work using the unique surface setups.

Application deadline 1st September 2020 with interviews scheduled for September.

Expected start date is not later than 1st January 2021.  

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Please email Harold Linnartz (linnartz@strw.leidenuniv.nl) or intercat@phys.au.dk to express your interest.