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Acknowledgements Statement

All publications that acknowledge the center must include the following statement in the acknowledgements section: 

"This work has been supported by the Danish National Research Foundation through the Center of Excellence “InterCat” (Grant agreement no.: DNRF150)" 

Open-access policy

All publications that acknowledge the foundation are subject to Danish rules regarding open access (dg.dk/en/open-access-policy/)

In Summary:

1) A parallel publication must be available (if the publisher allows for it) via an online institutional or subject-specific repository, i.e., a digital archive; after a maximum 6-month embargo period.

2) The grant holder should maintain copyright to the widest possible extent.

3) We should, to the greatest possible extent, minimise the use of hybrid Open Access.

4) It is accepted that the quality of journals can be weighted more heavily than the need to publish in Open Access.

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