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Pathway to a PhD

Alfie and Julia - Pathway to a PhD

30/08 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Settling in

The first two months of being in Denmark have been very busy with administrative things such as getting new IDs and fishing licenses. Its also involved a lot of working in my new office and within the lab as I detailed in my last blog post. But like Julia I have started to settle intoContinue reading →

16/08 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Summertime plans!

In his novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, Oscar Wilde encapsulated the burgeoning cynical movement of the late Victorian Era in the blatantly hedonistic character of Lord Henry. Throughout the entire book, we are faced with many of his dire ideas disguised as alleged ugly truths. However, since moving to Europe, I’ve found one sentenceContinue reading →

3/08 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Getting to grips with my ‘new normal’

I don’t know about you Julia, but Denmark is a very different world to the one I have left in the UK. Here they have done much better in their fight against Covid and there are a lot more things you can safely do. I have even been able to get a negative test andContinue reading →

20/07 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

First weeks as a doctoral candidate

Since my last blog post, I’ve been dedicating my time to learn all the ins and outs of SURFRESIDE3. As I jokingly said to my daily supervisor at the end of the first week in the lab, “I feel like my brain is now twice the size it was five days ago”—and I mean thatContinue reading →

11/07 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Arriving in Denmark

Moving to another country is a big task and Julia talked about how much she had to prepare and how Covid made this even harder. I read what Julia did and so did much the same. Following her advice, I have now safely made it to Denmark and I am in my new accommodation! ItContinue reading →

1/07 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

How to prepare a move to another continent in less than one week— pandemic...

A conspicuous part of being an early stage academic is the itinerant lifestyle often associated with it. Besides its fun and adventurous aspects, moving countries is also invariably a demanding task. For perfectionistic overthinkers like myself, the mere act of preparing the luggage can spiral into an excruciatingly elaborate reverie of highly improbable scenarios thatContinue reading →

18/06 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Starting a PhD in a pandemic

I have been turning my hand to video editing and voice overs recently, as you can see in my last blog post. I have now made another video talking about what it has been like starting my PhD at a distance during a pandemic. It features me and other people in InterCat and shows offContinue reading →

13/06 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Introduction Videos

Do you want to know more about the type of things Julia and I are researching about? Or do you want to know a little more about how we observe the interstellar medium and how it was first discovered? If so, I have made three videos which you can watch here! If you liked these,Continue reading →

8/06 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

How to try to make the most of this experience

I do not have access to the stunning vistas of the beaches of Brazil but instead during this lockdown I have been in the green rolling hills of the UK, usually with my dog. However, my mind and work has all been focused in Denmark and so I, like Julia, have had to adjust toContinue reading →

30/05 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Day in the life of an incoming PhD candidate at home (with tips!)

Recently I’ve come across an old trend in YouTube called “day in the life”, which basically consists of people filming their entire day and sharing it online. Despite my initial skepticism of its appeal, I was successfully allured by the website’s algorithm and, before I noticed it, I had spent an imprudent amount of timeContinue reading →