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Open positions

Welcome to the Cluster Dynamics group at Aarhus University!

We have one open position for a postdoc (2 years), to be filled in the beginning of 2020. The project is funded by the Carlsberg foundation and aims at unraveling radiation damage of microsolvated biomolecules using synchrotron and FEL radiation. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact Marcel Mudrich and apply here

We always have various projects suitable for Bachelor and Master theses, all related to spectroscopy and dynamics of clusters and nanodroplets using lasers or synchrotron radiation. In your thesis work, you will get to know many aspects of experimental physics – vacuum technology, laser / EUV optics, charged particle detection, computer control and simulations. You can choose to work rather independently on a specific part of the setup or software, or be part of the running experiments in close cooperation with other members of the team. Currently, we can offer projects on 1) setting up a new cluster beam apparatus and ion imaging detector, 2) doing experiments using a running helium nanodroplet apparatus at a synchrotron, 3) doing experiments to probe the dynamics of helium nanoplasmas induced by femtosecond laser pulses.