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Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics

Our group conducts experimental research on the ultrafast dynamics of molecules embedded in nanometer-sized droplets of superfluid helium. Laser pulses are used to control the spatial orientation of molecules to unprecedented degrees of precision for a variety of species ranging from simple diatomics to complex organic molecules. Hereby, it becomes possible to image molecules as they change during fundamental chemical and physical processes such as isomerization, bimolecular reactions and ionisation using ultrafast laser-based techniques. Also laser pulses are used to set molecules into controlled rotation to study quantum properties of the superfluid helium and the influence of a dissipative environment on quantum coherence. This includes bringing molecules to extreme rotational states through optical centrifuges. The group’s activities thereby link directly to research in CQOQM on the quantum dynamics of molecular ions as well as on many-body phenomena in quantum gases and liquids.