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Quantum Measurement & Manipulation

Our group has three main subgroups. First, an ultracold atomic experiment in which quantum control is explored both using unitary dynamics and through the use of non-destructive measurements. In first experiments, the phase transition to BEC has been interrogated non-destructively and in ongoing and future experiments individual atoms in optical lattices will be manipulated in arbitrary potential landscapes using Digital-Micro-mirror Devices (DMD) to realize a versatile quantum simulation framework. Second, a theoretical group develops and explores novel optimal control algorithms applied to both individual and many-body quantum systems. Finally, the ScienceAtHome group develops citizen science games in both natural and social science fields with a triple aim: i) solving complex natural science questions, ii) advancing our understanding of the processes underlying human problem solving and decision making, and iii) exploring whether these insights can be used for algorithmic improvements of modern machine learning in the pursuit of domain general artificial intelligence.