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Quantum mechanics is fundamental to the behaviour of atoms, light, and their interaction. The remarkable progress in controlling such interactions has ushered in a second quantum revolution, that nowadays lets us employ quantum mechanics actively to design, steer and monitor quantum systems from few- to many-body scales.

The Center for Quantum Optics and Quantum Matter (CQOM) brings together 10 experimental and theoretical groups working in this vibrant research field. It aims to create a platform for interactions, emphasising common directions and strengthening synergies. At the Center we study a wide range of quantum systems, from macroscopic quantum objects such as nano-mechanical oscillators, over ultracold quantum gases and optical lattices containing up to thousands of atoms, to mesoscopic ion crystals, and all the way down to single atoms and molecules confined in external fields or quantum liquids. We thereby explore fundamental phenomena emerging at the interface of light and matter, and also address challenges en route to future quantum technologies.