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Centre for Scientific Computing Aarhus (CSCAA)

Centre for Scientific Computing in Aarhus (CSCAA) is a Centre under the Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University.

CSCAA purchases, maintains, operates and supports high performance computers for a range of University groups ranging from Physics and Chemistry to Medicine and Economics.

CSCAA defines, implements and enforces the policies for use of the computer resources in collaboration with the users. CSCAA's organisation consists of a User Forum, a Steering Committee, a Centre leader and the staff.


Highlights and news

Expansion of Grendel

During September 2019, Grendel-S will be expanded with 73 new nodes.

37 of these are 40-cores computenodes and 36 are GPU-nodes, each equipped with two Nvidia V100 GPUs. All the nodes are produced and delivered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The expansion of Grendel-S was made possible due to contributions from research groups at Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Department of Geoscience, Department of Computer Science, Department of Bioscience and Department of Economics, Aarhus University.



NeiC Dellingr project

Gain access to nordic processing power - read more here