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Studentcolloquium - Rasmus Larsen: Gamma-ray bursts

2016.04.20 | Mai Korsbæk

Date Thu 28 Apr
Time 14:15 15:00
Location Fys. Aud.

Gamma-ray bursts

Rasmus Larsen

Supervisor: Maximilian Stritzinger

Thursday 28. April at 14.15

Fysisk Auditorium

While the US military was monitoring nuclear tests in space in 1967 their Vela satellites detected an intense and short-lived gamma-ray signal previously never seen. The origin of the emission was linked to the most energetic explosions in the Universe since the Big Bang: Gamma-ray bursts. These objects are driven by an ultra-relativistic outflow that releases more energy than our Sun will over its lifetime. In this colloquium I will provide an observational overview of gamma-ray bursts and describe some of the leading models that explain how these energetic events are formed and how they are linked to the death of massive stars.

Department of Physics, Staff, Public / media