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Mini-workshop on Scientific Software, Optimization Procedures and Parallel Programming Libraries

For Masters and PhD students, and postdocs

Info about event


Thursday 13 June 2019, at 10:00 - Friday 14 June 2019, at 14:30

On 13-14 June, Cecilia Jarne, an expert in scientific programming, will visit IFA and give a mini-workshop for Masters and PhD students.

It is a two-day mini-workshop with theoretical classes and a set of two guided hands-on exercises.
In the mornings, there will be theoretical classes, and in the afternoons, there will be exercises based on knowledge learned.

During the introductory talk, Cecilia will review the basic knowledge of the most extended and common Python Scientific libraries with an example using Numpy functions, Scipy, and Matplotlib for data analysis.

Cecilia will give some tips for good practices in scientific programming, meaning the proper use of code comments, the automatic tools to create proper and useful software documentation for our code, and the use of public repositories such as GitHub. Cecilia will also present some new libraries used for machine learning and data analysis from the basics, specifically explaining how to use Keras to create neural networks and analyze datasets.

During the second lecture, Cecilia will explain the different computer architecture types and how to choose appropriate algorithms previous to the code parallelization.

The third lecture will consist of parallel programming tools and differences. She will explain what are HDF5 files and how they are used.

The final lecture will be about a python library that is used to perform parallel programming: Mpi4py. Cecilia will explain details regarding installation, implementation, and execution.

As previously mentioned, the course is designed for Masters and PhD students at IFA, but postdocs are also welcome to join.
There is room for 24, so attendance is "first come, first served". Lunches will be covered and the workshop is free of charge.

Place: Department of Physics and Astronomy, building 1525-323

Sign up before 10 June 2019 through the link: https://www.tilmeld.dk/miniworkshoponscientificprogramming

To be able to carry out the workshop, students need a laptop with Linux and these libraries installed:

- Python
- Numpy
- SciPy
- Matplotlib
- Scikit learn
- Tensorfow
- Keras
- Mpy4py

We recommend the following sites, where the installation of the required packages is explained, including a set of the named libraries and some additional tools:


We also recommend  students to create a GitHub account to download the tutorial exercises.
This account will also be used to share the results of the hands-on exercises with Cecilia:



Carolina Von Essen