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Kristian Knakkergaard Nielsen receives travel stipend

One of 20 EliteForsk travel stipends go to Ph.d. from IFA

2019.03.07 | Ole J. Knudsen

Kristian Knakkergaard Nielsen. Private photo

Kristian Knakkergaard Nielsen. Private photo

The yearly EliteForsk prizes and travel stipends from the ministry of education and research were presented this year in the Copenhagen Opera House by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary and minister Tommy ahlers. This year's travel stipends of DKr 200 000 each went this year to a.o. three young researchers from Aarhus University

From the ceremony in the Copenhagen Opera House on February 28th . Kristian is in 3. row, nr 2 from left. Photo: ufm

Kristian Knakkergaard Nielsen's research area is the dynamics of impurities in quantum gasses. Here he presents his own research (in Danish).

On the same occasion 5 EliteForsk prizes of each 1,2 million Dkr were given to other promising younger researchers.

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