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Hans Otto Uldall Fynbos inaugural lecture in AUD E

Hans Otto Uldall Fynbo appointed professor in experimental nuclear physics.

2020.09.10 | Hanne Bak

Date Fri 23 Oct
Time 14:15 15:00
Location Auditorium E (1533-103), Maths

On 1st February 2020, Hans Otto Uldall Fynbo was appointed professor in experimental nuclear physics. Due to the corona lockdown, it has not been possible to host an inaugural lecture before now.

The new professor will hold his inaugural lecture on Friday 23th October at 14:15-15:00 in AUD E (1533-103). Everyone is welcome. Sign up, either via calendar invitation (or to katvas@phys.au.dk, if you have not received an invitation), for us to keep track of number of participants and thus adhere to the corona-rules.

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