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Investigation of the fine structure of antihydrogen

2020.02.20Article by Jeffrey Hangst et. al., in Nature 19 February 2020

New postdoc - Ragesh Kumar Thelakkadan Puthiyaveettil

2020.02.18Ragesh Kumar Thelakkadan Puthiyaveettil (Ragesh) joined ion trap group lead by Prof. Michael Drewsen in February 2020.

Attosecond quantum beats of inner-shell excited atoms

2020.02.14Article by Marcel Mudrich, IFA et al. in Nature Communications 14 February 2020

Delphini-1: 1 år i rummet

2020.01.31Den 31. januar 2019 blev Aarhus Universitets første satellit Delphini-1 sendt i rummet fra den Internationale Rumstation (ISS). Aarhus Universitet og holdet bag rummissionen kan nu fejre 1 års dagen for satellittens succesfulde start på sin færd i rummet.

Space-time is dragged around

2020.01.31Astrophysicist and AIAS fellow Thomas Tauris contributes to our understanding of how dead stars impact gravitational forces. Hereby we are one step closer to understanding the forces of nature. The results have been published in the scientific journal 'Science'.