SAC Seminar


Once a week, SACies and guests gather to attend SAC seminars. These seminars last 45 minutes, including questions. The environment is quite informal, so colleagues may ask questions during the presentation. The audience is primarily composed of astrophysicists (stellar physics and exoplanets) as well as astrobiologists, with levels ranging from master students onwards. The SAC Seminars are organized by the SAC Seminar team (currently led by Tim White and Carolina von Essen).

SAC seminars come in various formats. These include:

-Invited speakers. When we have a guest at SAC, we usually ask them to present their research.

-Event: bring your own plot. Each SAC member will bring a plot from their current research to be presented and explained to the group. We allow for a 5-10 minute discussion. The goal is to improve our results from the joint discussion.

-Event: help a fellow SACie. To these seminars, we bring abstracts, introductions, proposals for time allocation, or anything that would fit an A4 page. We hang these pages on the wall and rotate between them, adding constructive feedback.

-Presenting our research to SACies. We are a very diverse group. It's important that we stay updated with everyone's latest research. When we post a new first-author paper to arXiv, we present it to the rest of the group.

-Explaining our research as non-leading authors. Collaborations are extremely important. Through them, we escape our comfort zone and broaden our research. Some seminars are dedicated to explaining to the rest of the group the work we have carried out as non-leading authors.

-Bachelor/master projects. Our students do brilliant work. When their course workload is low and their theseshave been delivered, students can use the SAC seminars to present their results.


The SAC Seminar team.

Future SAC Seminars

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