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This facility consists of an (approximately 40 m3) environmental chamber housing a recirculating wind tunnel. Key physical parameters can be recreated such as temperaturepressure (from 1 bar to 0.3mbar), gas compositionwind flow and importantly the suspension/transport of dust or sand particulates.

This facility utilizes a network based control and data logging system.

It employs a sophisticated 2 dimensional laser Doppler velocimeter for the quantifying and studying aerosol particles and flow.

New capabilities developed under Europlanet H2020 RI are;

  1. An independent air cooling system (for atmospheric temperature control)
  2. A high speed imaging system and PIV capabilities
  3. A UV solar simulator for aerosol exposure and other experiments.

Download the publication An Environmental Wind Tunnel Facility for Testing Meteorological Sensor Systems in pdf format.

LDA measurement in the AWTS II windtunnel