Research: qM&M Experiment

Quantum Physics research is conducted in the Quantum Measurement and Manipulation Group (QMMG) at Aarhus University with a theoretical and an experimental division. It's in the QMMG that the potential of producing and manipulating ultracold atoms is explored for a number of main goals.


One of the main research interests of the experimental team is to utilize the atomic Faraday effect to measure properties of our atomic clouds. In recent work we have built a magnetometer capable of measuring magnetic fields to the precision of 2 nT. Taking into the cycle time of the experiment of about 30 s, the sensitivity of our magnetometer amounts to 12 nT/sqrt(Hz). Read more.



Welcome to Nicolas

Nicolas Auvrey has recently joined the group from the ENS in Lyon for a three month internship. During his stay he will be working on magnetic field stabilisation and spatial light modulation. (05/15)

Congratulations to Robert

On the 15th of January Robert Heck successfully defended his progress report "Creation of 87Rb Bose-Einstein Condensates in Different Trap Configurations". The external examiner was Jörg Helge Müller from the Niels Bohr Institute. (01/2015)

Welcome to Mario

Mario Napolitano joined the group in June 2014 as a post-doc having previously completed his PhD in Morgan Mitchell's group at ICFO. Mario will bring his expertise in Faraday imaging to the QM&M experiment and help set up our optical lattices. (07/14)

First in-situ BEC pictures using Faraday Imaging

We've been able to take 'Faraday pictures' of our BEC held in a crossed dipole trap. Instead of measuring the light absorbed by the cold atoms we detect the polarisation rotation of the imaging light. This method is much less destructive than absorption imaging and should allow us to take multiple images of the same cold cloud or BEC.

The picture is roughly 100 x 160 micrometers; the actual BEC is much smaller!


Welcome to Mathieu

Mathieu de Goer from the department of physics of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan joined our experiment for a summer internship. He will assist in setting up the lattices and with the testing of the non-destructive imaging of ultracold clouds. (04/2014)

First BEC in the new experiment

After a year and a half of hard work we finally have a BEC! Roughly 300k atoms in a hybrid trap geometry. (01/14)

Welcome to Robert

Robert Heck joined the group in August 2013 as graduate student. Robert will be working on setting up the QM&M experiment. (08/13)

Welcome to Wenzhou

Wenzhou Zhang joined the group in March 2013. He will work on the new experiment as a postdoctoral researcher. Wenzhou previously worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences on Bose-Fermi mixtures of ultracold atoms. (03/13)

First MOT in the new lab

On the 18th of February, the first MOT was realized in the new High Resolution Experiment. The system consists of a combined 2D and 3D MOT, and it will form the basis for creating BECs in the new experiment. (02/13)

Marie Curie Individual Fellowship

Recently Mark obtained a Marie Curie Fellowship. Mark works as a postdoctoral researcher on setting up the QM&M experiment. Congratulations to Mark! (12/12)

Welcome to Mark

In JulyMark Bason joined our group as a postdoctoral researcher. In the coming years he will work on the QM&M experiment. (07/2012)

Welcome to Romain

In May our group was joined by Romain Müller, who will set up the new HiRes experiment. Romain previously worked on cooling of bosonic cesium and fermionic lithium at Heidelberg University. We all look forward to the exciting start of a new experiment. (05/2012)