Centre for Scientific Computing Aarhus (CSCAA)

Centre for Scientific Computing in Aarhus (CSCAA) is a Centre under the Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University.

CSCAA purchases, maintains, operates and supports high performance computers for a range of University groups ranging from Physics and Chemistry to Medicine and Economics.

CSCAA defines, implements and enforces the policies for use of the computer resources in collaboration with the users. CSCAA's organisation consists of a User Forum, an Executive Committee, a Centre leader and the staff.




Ian Heide Godtliebsen has joined CSCAA as Academic Technical Employee in April 2017.

Ian received a PhD in theoretical chemistry in 2014 from the Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University.
During his studies he developed methods to provide accurate quantum mechanical descriptions of the vibrational properties of molecules
using highly accurate molecular potential energy surfaces and explicitly correlated vibrational wave function methods.
He also worked on applying tensor decompositions for compressing vibrational wave function parameters
and lowering the computational complexity of vibrational wave function methods.
Through his scientific work Ian has gained a comprehensive experience in many aspects relating to scientific computing ranging from
theoretical development and code implementation to practical application of existing computer codes in a HPC environment.

In his new position Ian will be working as scientific computing consultant and High Performance Computing (HPC)-expert supporting scientific groups with an interest in computational science.
Furthermore, Ian will be part of the team that maintains the local computing cluster as part of his employment at CSCAA.

Ian will spend roughly half his time at the Department of Chemistry and half at CSCAA,
and will therefore be moving back and forth between the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Contact information:
Email: ian@chem.au.dk / ian@cscaa.dk
Office: 1513-419 / 1520-626
Phone: +45 93 50 87 86