Vote for the Danish Research Result of the Year, 2016

Two IFA research results are nominated in the top 10. You can vote from now and until 22 February

2017.02.13 | Ole J. Knudsen

   The web-portal will hand out a readers prize among the 10 nominated Danish research results for 2016.

You can also wote, from now on and until 22 February at this link:

 Among the 93 suggested themes, has picked the following 10:

   Fish oil during pregnancy prevents asthma in children

   Global warming may be self-perpetuating

   New tool for finding medicine against more diseases

   'Backwards photosynthesis' breaks down plant organics fast

   Vegetative patients' awakening can be predicted

   Bacteria become resistent towards antibiotics by stealing genes

   Danes have become less nationally conservative

   Anti hydrogen caught and measured on

   Gamers help solving quantum problem

   Researchers look back 3.8 million years

 We are proud to report, that two of the nominees, and the only ones from Aarhus University come from IFA. You may have guessed that they are the anti hydrogen and quantum gamers stories, where the research groups are led by Jeffrey Hangst and Jacob Sherson respectively.

 The prizes will be handed out in connection to the National Days of Research 24 April to 1 May.

 We will of course not try to influence whom you vote for, but we know where you live!!!

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