Visitors to ASTRID

ASTRID and her daughter ASTRID II received unusual visitors on Wednesday 25 October 2017 2017

2017.11.02 | Ole J. Knudsen

Kamilla visiting ASTRID. Outfit: Bianca Steffensen, photo: Jonathan Søe

Fashion designer student at VIA University College, Aarhus and her two models Karina and Charlotte plus free lance photographer Jonathan placed a visit to the IFA cellars. The reason: Bianca's exams. Two outfits inspired by science and especially physics and chemistry to be presented in a suitable environment. Bianca had inquired beforehand of the possiblity of loaning one of our labs as a photo background, and of course we complied at IFA. And whom to better serve as a suitable background than ASTRID?


What to touch and what not was thoroughly informed beforehand, and our guests left after a couple of hours of hard work visibly impressed both by the not always Danish Design inspired setups in the target hall and the sheer amount of our equipment - and hopefully also better informed of what we acually do!

Shown are a few examples of the result. Charlotte can be seen at left; Karina to the right. The photos are credit to Jonathan Søe - and Bianca passed the exams.

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