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Anne Ersbak Bang Nielsen receives Sapere Aude grant

Anne E. B. Nielsen is one of four young researchers from Science & Technology to receive the prestigious Sapere Aude grant from the Danish Independent Research Fund.

2019.01.11 | Ole J. Knudsen

Anne Ersbak Bang Nielsen to recieve a Sapere Aude grant. Photo: DFF

Anne Ersbak Bang Nielsen to recieve a Sapere Aude grant. Photo: DFF

Anyons with exceptional properties

Anne E. B. Nielsen's research into anyons with exceptional properties can make the future quantum computers more robust and accurate and they fill in a gap in the quantum research jigsaw. Her research will contribute to identifying the fundamental building blocks available to build technology. The properties of anyons are particularly interesting for the development of future computers. The research project will build systems with entirely new properties, and it will also make it necessary to develop new methods of analysis.

Anyons are a type of quasiparticles, neither bosons or ferminons.


The project will contribute to a better understanding of the conditions under which anyons can appear in physical systems, and of the methods we can use to control their dynamics. So far, anyons have only been observed under extreme conditions, and we are particularly interested in finding out whether it is possible to create anyons and exploit their properties under conditions that are easier to set up.    

More on the background for the grant can be found here.

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