Sun-like star may become a Rosetta Stone in the understanding of our own Sun

2018.01.18New study of a star almost like the Sun brings us closer to an understanding of the physical processes behind the cycle of the Sun, and may help us understand how the Sun affects our climate.

The IFA nisse has happily started teasing again. Here a non-functioning (?) coffee boiler.

Happy Christmas News: The IFA nisse found and happy

2017.12.19Our IFA nisse is no longer lost. It is happily back to work teasing, making fuses blow etc. Maybe it has to do with names, but strangely enough it was found in the mail room in the emeritus mailbox - and the lucky finder: lektor emeritus P. E. Nissen!

Our IFA nisse. Lost and not yet found

Nissing in action!

2017.12.19Have you seen this IFA nisse or know of its whereabouts? If you do, please bring it to Katrine's office in 1520-317 immediately to collect your award and secure that everything will be back to normal.

Liv Hornekær appointed professor

2017.11.29As of 1 December 2017 Liv Hornekær will be employed as professor in experimental material science.

Sapere Aude grant for IFA astronomer: Galactic archaeology

2017.11.20Assistant professor Victor Silva Aguirre has been awarded the prestigious Sapere Aude grant of Dkr. 5,9 million for pursuing Galactic Archeology in the project " Asteroseismology for Galactic archaeology: rediscovering the Milky Way"