Electrons experiencing a strong electromagnetic field are shaken up. Illustration: Imperial College London/Stuart Mangles

Electrons in strong laser light get 'shaken up'

2018.02.20Danish publication Ingeniøren writes on 13 February 2018: Influenced by a very strong electromagnetic field electrons will experience a 'radiation reaction'; difficult to describe theoretically. Tobias Wistisen, Helge Knudsen and Ulrik Uggerhøj of IFA are co-authors in a recent paper in Nature Communications.

The single-particle energy distributions for the neutron at ρ=5, 30, 70, and 80 fm for S=1.17

Better insight in three-particle nuclear clusters

2018.02.08Recent paper in Physical Review letters describes a theoretical model for many-body quantum mechanical clusters. The model may be significant in explaining where such systems can be found amongst atomic nuclei.

New phenomenon observed in materials physics

2018.01.26Søren Ulstrup et al find new particle - meet the Trion

Sun-like star may become a Rosetta Stone in the understanding of our own Sun

2018.01.18New study of a star almost like the Sun brings us closer to an understanding of the physical processes behind the cycle of the Sun, and may help us understand how the Sun affects our climate.

Liv Hornekær appointed professor

2017.11.29As of 1 December 2017 Liv Hornekær will be employed as professor in experimental material science.