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AMO Seminar - Andrey Vilesov: 'Vorticity and shapes of spinning superfluid helium droplets'

25.01.2013 | Grete Flarup

Dato tor 21 mar
Tid 15:15 16:00
Sted Fys. Aud.

In this talk observations of vortices in supefluid helium droplet having diameter of 100-1000 nm will be discussed. The talk will start with short review of the basics of vorticity and previous theoretical works on vortices in He droplets.  Then the results of surface deposition experiments will be discussed, which show vortex-catalyzed formation of elongated silver aggregates. Finally, the results of very recent collaborative experiments on X-ray diffraction imaging of the droplets at Stanford SLAC  will be introduced. These indicate formation of Abrikosov vortex arrays as well as substantial shape deformations in the rotating superfluid droplets.

Coffee/tea and cake will be served from 15:05

Institut for Fysik og Astronomi, Medarbejdere, Offentligheden / Pressen
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