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We are pleased to announce a 1-day meeting at Aarhus University on gravitational wave (GW) related activities in Denmark.

16.11.2018 | Ole J. Knudsen

Dato ons 30 jan
Tid 11:30 16:30
Sted Aarhus
Making waves. Ill: LIGO

Making waves. Ill: LIGO

The rationale of this meeting is to bring together observers, experimentalists and theoreticians covering a broad range of research fields 

(compact objects, gravitation, extreme matter, cosmology, transients, nucleosynthesis, X-ray binaries, supernovae, laser optics, detectors etc.), 

to exchange and discuss ongoing and future work/ideas related to GW (astro)physics.

Time and venue: 

Wednesday January 30, 2019 (11:30-16:30, coffee/cake from 11:00)

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University

Room: 1525-626 (6th floor)

Structure of the meeting: 

  • Attendees will present short reviews of their GW related research, followed by brief discussions.
  • Potential group discussions in the afternoon on various subtopics of interest, followed by a summary in plenum.
  • GW network in Denmark: Is there a basis and an interest for a broad Danish GW network with an annual 1-day meeting?

Further info and program will follow later. 


To register, please *send me an email asap* and express whether you would like to *present some work!*

We are happy to provide a free lunch.

Please, forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested in joining.

Best wishes,


Prof. Dr. Thomas Tauris

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Aarhus University, Denmark


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